Your god must be small

Your god must be small if he compels you
to hate in his name. If he demands
that you sacrifice innocents because
some of them might disagree with you
Your god must be small indeed if
mere mortals can make him quake in fear
of their rebellion, and if that fear
causes him to hire mercenaries
to squash rebellion
Your god must be small if you must
even slaughter those
who worship the same god as you
but in a different way
Yes. Your god is small. Too small
to have made you a man. And so
your god is small
and you are no more than a beast.


Although this poem is written primarily in response to Islamic extremists, it equally applies to anyone of any faith who hates in the name of his/her god. I am a Christian, but I would go so far as to say that those who profess to follow Christ have a small god if they hate in His name. (By the way, I also recognize that there are many Muslims who are as appalled by terrorism as I am, and while I may disagree with them in matters of faith, I am not accusing them of having a small god). The Bible calls for Christians to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”. Nowhere does it say “persecute your enemies so that others might pray for you.”