The Crook and the Gnome

There was a crook
who liked books and
he took a tome
from the home of
a gnome named Hank
Let’s be frank, the
home stank, but he
didn’t see that
the reason for
the odor was
much more than grime
that had climbed o’er
some time until
all that swill had
a will (or so
it seemed) – No! that
smell – OH! It Stank!
that most rank smell
was Hank himself
on a shelf (like
an elf) and he
pounced on the old
crook before that
wicked fat man
could scat. And so
now you know not
to go and steal
from gnomes. Deal with
a real book store
for books or you’ll
be more gnome mess
(not a guest) in
Hank’s fest’ring hut


an attempt at writing a than bauk chain.  As I mentioned in my previous post, a than bauk is a Burmese style of poetry with rhyme scheme


In a than bauk chain, the final syllable of the 3rd line becomes the next rhyming word, so rhyme scheme becomes

xCxD and so on…

Writing this in a chain was, I found, much harder than I expected, and so the poem might not be all that good…(some of the rhymes are a bit forced)…but I decided to write this as an exercise to see if I could actually do it.