Grilling in the Rain

On a hot summer day
there’s nothing quite so nice
as the feel of a gentle rain-shower
that water-paints my shirt
and hisses as it hits
the lid of the bar-b-q
(from which the most
delightful aromas
are emanating)


Yesterday I was out barbecuing during the most pleasant shower you could ask for! Sausages (cheese filled for me and my boys, mesquite for my wife) on the right hand side, and on the left, on top of some tin-foil, I toasted some buttered buns. There was no room left on the grill, so my wife fried onions on the stove-top inside. A simple meal, but somehow, those flame-kissed sausages smelled and tasted delicious!


at dVerse, we have been asked to write about scents and aromas.


19 thoughts on “Grilling in the Rain

  1. I love those outdoor smells, onions with sausages, yummy-

    But the best part is a little bit of rain – water-paints the shirt sounds refreshing!

    Thanks for joining us Bryan and wishing you a good week.

  2. Yeah!! My hubby’s reving up the grill in an hour or so, so I will get to live out this–though, sadly, the rain is far from this hot high desert.

  3. hissing on the grill —- outdoor cooking in that gentle rain …. and I love the way you’ve described your shirt here. Wonderful read — although I’m very very late in moseying up to the dVerse bar for this prompt.

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