Condescending Worm

Condescending worm, you look down on me
from the bottom of my shoe where you are
gazing upon my face with broken glee,
even though I ground you into the tar.
E’en squished as you are, your look seems to mock
and belittle me. You condemn my feet
for their careless trodding. Speechless, you talk
trash, despite the fact that you are ground meat
Over your broken shape, should I shed tears?
Would you have me agonize o’er your death?
What would you have done in those stolen years
if I had not crushed out your wormy breath?

scornful you seem, for I broke you like glass,
but I’ll just wipe my shoe off in the grass


Poet’s note: this poem might not be about a worm.


I’ll be sharing this with dVerse for Open Link Night tomorrow

17 thoughts on “Condescending Worm

  1. I like the incongruence of a worm looking down from the bottom. But now I’m wondering what or who else this might be about, if not an actual worm? I shall not hazard a guess for fear of insulting the worm, and he’s been insulted enough today.

  2. I find it clever to use a worm for a person we do detest, like wormy we would like to squish to the ground.

    Really enjoyed this one Bryan.

  3. ha – the minute I started reading about the worm I thought of the Robin I saw the other day. He/She was searching for worms pulling them up through the ground and I was wondering how do they know where they are? So, the worm was no more as it became a meal.

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