Idylwyld Drive – Jun.19

Idylwyld Drive was closed at 36th Street yesterday. We were driving Southbound, and I would have continued to 29th Street before turning off, but had to take a slight detour. Not a big problem, as 36th is a route I often take anyways. In other words, a forced change of plans rather than an inconvenience. Apparently, the old tree was no longer able to withstand yesterday’s strong winds, and a large, trunk-sized branch broke part-ways off the tree to block both the south and north-bound lanes.

harsh winds but barely
a smattering of fuu rain-
old man takes a rest


note: fuu is one of numerous Japanese “rain” words.  It means “wind and rain”.

Haibun Monday at dVerse. The topic is rain. Rain only makes a brief appearance in my haiku, but the rain only made a brief appearance in yesterday’s storm too.


19 thoughts on “Idylwyld Drive – Jun.19

  1. That must have been a strong wind to knock down the tree. Knowing another route is a good thing. I like the brief appearance of rain Bryan.

  2. Also glad I’m reading it after the inclusion of the word…..ah, the wind and rain….and the oldest of trees. Tumbling in part into the wake of man (and woman) —

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