they say that quicksand won’t get you
if you stay as still as you can
but when you’re caught in the quagmire with no-one
to toss you a rope or a line
with no-one to lend you a hand
no tree branch to hang onto
the urge to struggle, to extricate yourself
is much stronger than any
sort of common sense
and slowly but surely your labors
pull you ever deeper
and you can only hope
that the rocks will stop you soon
before your head goes under


another submission for the dVerse prompt of using meter to convey meaning. I tried to do something a bit different with this. Each line has three stressed beats (or at least that’s the way it sounds in my head), so that would make this tri-meter, however, I have used varying foot lengths


5 thoughts on “Quicksand

  1. Bryan, I was hoping you would go back for more, as I enjoyed your first one so much. I love the staggering lines in this, the feeling of grasping for the longer ones, being sunken in the shorter ones. Perfect.

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