Sunday Morning Breezes

Sunday morning breezes
blow gently through the screen door
refreshing the air inside,
preventing stagnation,
On a Sunday
the Spirit blew gently
through a room
that should have reeked of death
but instead, refreshed the air inside,
prevented stagnation,
defeated death,
Sunday morning breezes,
blow gently through the screen door


Although this could be viewed as an Eater poem, as Christians, for those of my readers who share my faith: we need to remember Christ’s resurrection, and how he conquered death, and redeemed us. This morning, our living room is separated from the outside by only a screen door, and the most delicious breezes are wafting in. Perhaps because today is Sunday, these refreshing and purifying winds reminded me of the refreshing and purifying work that Jesus Christ has done for us. Only after writing the bulk of my poem did I remember that the Greek word pneuma means both Spirit and wind.  Of course, Greek was the language that the New Testament of the Bible was originally written in, so somehow, the breeze reminding my of the Spirit of God seems apropos.


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