Slightly Mis-Tuned Radio

The alarm sounds each morning at 6:15, usually to the sound of some radio station that is not quite in tune, which is, perhaps, a metaphor for my out-of-focus thought process. I stumble through the rituals of awakening, so that I can make sure that my children get themselves ready for school, and then I go sit down at the computer to catch up on reading poems and articles written by friends-I’ve-never-met, and enjoy the quiet before the orderly chaos of the day truly begins.

a songbird greets the
early rising of the sun –
dew glistens on grass


17 thoughts on “Slightly Mis-Tuned Radio

  1. I awake the same time too but mercifully my daughter is bigger now so I don’t fuss over her anymore ~ Love the quiet time on reading stuff by friends never actually met ~ And I love the sounds of songbirds in the morning ~

  2. “Friends-I’ve-never-met” … wonderful company with whom to begin the day. I share my mornings with them too. Thank you, Internet.

  3. Bryan, I love this from start to finish. The static radio as metaphor for morning fuzziness. And the structure of the piece is such that for my reading of it, YOU are that songbird, and the poems you might find are this: “dew glistens on grass.” How beautiful.

  4. I’ve had that static radio station wake me up some mornings too, Bryan. I like your morning routine of reading poetry from some unmet friends…sweet.

  5. I agree with De about the radio metaphor. I haven’t needed an alarm for a long time but I remember that out of tune station. Nowadays I only listen to BBC Radio 4 and Planet Rock.

  6. I like how you hyphenated “friends-I’ve-never-met”.
    I can’t do the radio wake up at all. Actually I can’t handle any noise in the morning…..just a few sips of tea, silence broken by some occasional key board tapping before the mad rush.

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