Thursday June 30th in Canada

June Thirtieth falls on a Thursday this year
and Canadians all celebrate with a cheer,
for this Thursday’s a Friday (or might as well be)
for tomorrow is Canada Day, yes sirree!
tomorrow we cel’brate this nation so fine
with fireworks, barbecues, maybe some wine
and most of us do not have duties to shirk
‘cuz tomorrow we get to stay home from our work!


In a chair,
reclined at the edge of the garden,
you relax to the sound of rose perfume
and inhale the scent of colour
you watch the melody of birds
and contemplate
the ever-changing scene
that surrounds…

new buds that weren’t there yesterday
flowers in full bloom that won’t be there tomorrow
bees busy buzzing that never remain
in one spot for more that a few moments

Relaxed in your chair
you remain where you are
because you know
You can’t possibly move fast enough to stay still

Grilling in the Rain

On a hot summer day
there’s nothing quite so nice
as the feel of a gentle rain-shower
that water-paints my shirt
and hisses as it hits
the lid of the bar-b-q
(from which the most
delightful aromas
are emanating)


Yesterday I was out barbecuing during the most pleasant shower you could ask for! Sausages (cheese filled for me and my boys, mesquite for my wife) on the right hand side, and on the left, on top of some tin-foil, I toasted some buttered buns. There was no room left on the grill, so my wife fried onions on the stove-top inside. A simple meal, but somehow, those flame-kissed sausages smelled and tasted delicious!


at dVerse, we have been asked to write about scents and aromas.

Ten Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump

I’m a Canadian, so I will not be eligible to vote in the upcoming US election. However, I thought I would do a service to my American friends and outline the reasons why you should vote for The Donald

10. People with bad hairdos need a voice in Washington.

9. He’ll provide work for unemployed brick-layers in the construction of the Great Wall along your southern border.

8. You won’t need to worry about saying something stupid, as you will merely be following the example of your president.

7. Jell-o

6. He looks like he could launch a revival of the Three Stooges

donald Donald

5.  The next president will be much better

4.  You will no longer need to fear foreign spies on American soil…Trump’s mouth is so big that he’ll spill all of your nation’s secrets, so foreign governments won’t need to send any spies.

3.  You will be able to proudly (and truthfully) proclaim, “my goldfish is smarter than the president!”  (or if you don’t have a goldfish, substitute in “this piece of lint I found in my belly button” for “goldfish”)

2.  Comedians won’t be in any danger of running out of material.

1. Canadians have long believed that Americans are less intelligent than we are. I’ve always believed this to be an unfair stereotype, but if you elect Trump, you would prove that this is no stereotype, but is indeed the truth.

Condescending Worm

Condescending worm, you look down on me
from the bottom of my shoe where you are
gazing upon my face with broken glee,
even though I ground you into the tar.
E’en squished as you are, your look seems to mock
and belittle me. You condemn my feet
for their careless trodding. Speechless, you talk
trash, despite the fact that you are ground meat
Over your broken shape, should I shed tears?
Would you have me agonize o’er your death?
What would you have done in those stolen years
if I had not crushed out your wormy breath?

scornful you seem, for I broke you like glass,
but I’ll just wipe my shoe off in the grass


Poet’s note: this poem might not be about a worm.


I’ll be sharing this with dVerse for Open Link Night tomorrow

Idylwyld Drive – Jun.19

Idylwyld Drive was closed at 36th Street yesterday. We were driving Southbound, and I would have continued to 29th Street before turning off, but had to take a slight detour. Not a big problem, as 36th is a route I often take anyways. In other words, a forced change of plans rather than an inconvenience. Apparently, the old tree was no longer able to withstand yesterday’s strong winds, and a large, trunk-sized branch broke part-ways off the tree to block both the south and north-bound lanes.

harsh winds but barely
a smattering of fuu rain-
old man takes a rest


note: fuu is one of numerous Japanese “rain” words.  It means “wind and rain”.

Haibun Monday at dVerse. The topic is rain. Rain only makes a brief appearance in my haiku, but the rain only made a brief appearance in yesterday’s storm too.

Top 10 Signs That Western Civilization As We Know It Is Coming To An End

I haven’t done a “Top 10” list for a while. I figured it was about time to do one. So, without further ado, “Top 10 Signs That Western Civilization As We Know It Is Coming To An End”:

10. Stacking Cheerios on sleeping babies is an internet craze.
9. In November of this year, a former US First Lady (Hillary Clinton) may become president (would that make Bill Clinton the new First Lady?)
8. If Hillary loses the election, that will mean that the US has elected the first president with the intelligence of a gravel pile (after writing this post, I will be going to apologize to a pile of gravel for insulting it)
7. Jell-o
6. The most unreal thing on TV is called “Reality TV”
5. Storm chasers (do I really need to explain this?)
4. Really influential videos get an average of 12.8 views on youtube, while videos of people getting injured due to stupidity average 12.3 million views in the first week.
3. Some stats on the internet are completely false and fabricated on the spot (see #4)
2. You are still reading this post.

And the #1 sign that Western Civilization is coming to an end:

My mother is on Facebook.