An Ode to Open Windows

summer heat permeates
the entire structure of
the house until
sleep is something of dreams
there are, of course,
ways to combat the oppressive heat
but even so…
the hum of the air conditioner
is no substitute for
the kiss of a cooling breeze


the quadrille prompt at dVerse is to write a 44 word poem including the word “breeze”. Having a bedroom on the second floor of our house means that our bedroom gets rather warm on hot summer days. We are certainly thankful for central A/C that allows us to keep the room at a bearable temperature, but even better is when the evening temperature drops low enough that we can turn off the A/C and open up the windows.

If you aren’t already a dVerse participant, why not come over and join the fun?  The link at dVerse will go live at 3pm eastern time


27 thoughts on “An Ode to Open Windows

  1. I like that you can open your windows. Because of my allergies and asthma, windows are always closed at my house, except the dead of winter when there is no pollen or mold of any kind and that is no fun! And no, nothing can compete with a lovely summer breeze.

  2. I love this, and it’s so true. If we just didn’t have so much humidity here, I’d have my windows open all summer — well, with the possible exception of the days when it is 100 and over.

  3. ‘the kiss of a cooling breeze’ – i can feel it on my skin.
    I adore having the window open at night, so it ruffles my skin on the arm I keep outside the covers. Hmm… looking forward to bed already!

  4. “sleep is something of dreams”
    Oh, this is our house in summertime (but we don’t have air conditioning here).
    Those soft kissing breezes are so refreshing, as is your poem!

  5. Love that kiss of the cooling breeze… our AC is running too as the heat is unbearable specially during the afternoon ~

    Enjoyed this one Bjorn ~

  6. Grew up with a window fan, stuck to the sheets, cursing my life for being born poor. And this in Minnesota! I’ll take the AC. Loved your poem, ‘though.

  7. What a gorgeous last line, especially. We have had the most beautiful spring here in Southern Nevada, but now the heat has come. And it sure can feel like a big fat slap from a blowdryer, rather than that beautiful kiss of breeze…

  8. Oh Lord.. Bryan..
    Living on the River
    Front home in
    Panhandle Florida..
    Summer Humidity..
    sound of crickets
    way back in 60’s..
    and frogs.. through
    open dead breeze paste..
    turning the pillow over and
    over again.. now infinity it
    seems then.. stiLL noW
    never a cooler spot
    in mouth of River heat..:)

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