Clockwork Existence?

If the true essence of my life were distilled
through some alchemical magic
into words on a page
what would be there?

“I spent my time between going to my job
and sitting on the couch watching TV”?


would the essence of my existence
fill page upon page of fascinating tales
that would leave the reader enthralled
and thrilled?

Is my life the stuff of a sentence or two
or am I a novel worth pulling off the shelf
and reading over and over again?

Is your life the stuff of a sentence or two
or are you stepping out to turn your
life story into a novel?


Some lives can be summed up in a sentence or two
Other lives are epics – Kevin J. Anderson in Clockwork Lives

I recently finished reading Clockwork Lives by Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart.  I have read a number of Anderson’s novels, but this one, I think, is the one that most demands a response.  His other novels (all excellent, by the way), are stories that seek to thrill and spark the imagination of the readers, but this novel is a call to make something of your life.


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