Song of Fire – Part VIII

Even the flames seem to have tales to tell,
but in a language to which we are not
privy. Their story is told in light, smell
of smoke, and sound. The fire is so hot
because of the passion with which it speaks.
We enjoy its heat, and are hypnotized
by its dance, but we don’t get what it seeks
to tell us, for its story is comprised
of elements that we can’t understand.
What grief must be felt by those flames as we
see and hear but never perceive the grand
epic that it would share with you and me.
We’ll never comprehend. Perhaps that’s why
after a time, the fire starts to die?


I’m now just over half-way through my second “Heroic Crown” sonnet cycle. This one is taking me much longer than my first cycle. Written for dVerse. Today is Open Link Night (pub opens at 3pm EST)


13 thoughts on “Song of Fire – Part VIII

  1. There’s something so primal and deep about the feelings stirred in us when we look into a fire, isn’t there? This poem does a good job harnessing their mythic, symbolic power. The melancholy of the final lines is beautiful

    • If you are interested, click on the tab at the top of my page “Elements Sonnet Cycles” (or something like that), then click on “Fire” and you can read the rest of my musings on the campfire.

      • Oh, awesome! Will do. My own entry this week was also about a bonfire/sunlight and it’s archetypical associations, funnily enough. It’s def a topic I like reading/writing about 😀

  2. I specially love the opening lines:

    Even the flames seem to have tales to tell,
    but in a language to which we are not

    Love the form and hoping the fire will be ablaze again ~

  3. Interesting! I like this a lot, Bryan…the analogy of fire to perhaps those stories so over zealous and passionate that we miss the message…so they lose their fuel. My interpretation could be off but I really enjoyed your poem.

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