That Last Fork In The Road

We walked together, you and I
along this winding, dusty road.
More than once you, or I,
chose to explore along some side path,
but eventually, we always seemed
to find our feet on the same pathway
once again. And so, at our last parting
we laughed, waved, and said “see you
soon” not realizing at the time that,
while many forks lead to paths that make
their way back to the same road,
sometimes they lead to completely
separate highways that
may never again merge.
I wonder upon what road you trod,
and wonder if you think of me also
and I wonder if there’s a chance that,
maybe someday, those roads will
once again


written for dVerse where one of the hosts, Abhra, has announced that he is resigning from the dVerse team. He asks us to write of “unintentional goodbyes”. Abhra: I wish you only the best in whatever paths you find yourself walking on. Who knows, perhaps our roads will once again join together!

Also sharing this with “The Daily Post” where “fork” is the prompt


14 thoughts on “That Last Fork In The Road

  1. Aw, this whole thing made me sad, especially the part where the speaker wonders if their old companion ever stops to think of them too. Really reminds you to cherish your relationships while they are still a part of your life

  2. Life can smack of the haphazard too often, & when the heavy shifts arise, we, too often, are not ready for them. It also points out the ethereal & tentative fleeting reality of all relationships.

  3. well done. I think of folks who I’ve not seen in years and years and years — and wonder, if our paths might cross again, somewhere. A year ago, I was put in touch with an old childhood friend. She lives in California now — I’m on the other side of the country in Boston. And yet, she was in Boston for a day, getting ready for a New England Fall Foliage Tour and she contacted me. After 50+ years, there we were, sitting having coffee in a busy restaurant, sharing old photographs and laughing like we were kids again! Sometimes the paths do criss-cross again! 🙂

  4. From the origin of the
    Cycle aLL Of NowonE
    continues thE
    poinT oF
    noW re..
    tUrn iS see ya
    laTer.. BlanKeT
    oF Love all that iS
    one God sAMe.. no separation
    aLL.. ah.. oNE.. Namaste arE wE
    and all of creaTionS oWoNe WitH
    never enDinG SMiLes aT lEasT noW

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