Hidden Messages

practically all poetry has some sort
of hidden meaning to it. Sometimes
enough clues are left so that you
might find it fairly quickly
without too much trouble
regardless of your
intention of
trying to.
this can
more of
a task to
those who prefer
literal minded
reading. Annoying gov
types come to mind. As you see,
my message is quite plainly clear.
(This is one of my many verses
composed for my friends over at dVerse)

An Etheree for dVerse.  Click on the link (embedded in the last line of the poem) for the rules of the form.  I decided to have a little fun.  You’ll discover what I did if you look at the red letters.


17 thoughts on “Hidden Messages

  1. Bryan, this is very impressive. It must have taken you a lot of time to compose. (And then again I do agree with you that every poem has some kind of hidden meaning to it!)

  2. I admit to the following: a) I get the acrostic and brilliantly done too! b) An ode to Dverse Poets c) I utterly fail at finding any other kind of hidden meaning or deviations and would love to be enlightened.

  3. Ah yes.. my Friend as Quest of peas..
    there are the more conservative.. closed
    minded among us.. the Trump folks
    if you WiLL and WilL noT he
    HE.. as i kNow noW.. and
    then there are NoW
    noW liberal open
    minded among us too..
    as you Do and WiLL too HA
    ha.. and true the other team
    tends to be more literal thInking
    in eat sleep and screw and the other
    partakes of the manna iN deeper Ocean Blues..:)

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