Song of Fire – Part VII – While Those Around Speak a Story or Two

While those around speak a story or two,
listen silently and then take your turn
and tell one of your own. Whether it’s true
or fiction matters less than that it burn
with passion much like the fire around
which we sit. After all, this is a place
for adventures! Even the ancients found
the fire a good spot at which to grace
their children with history, legend, myth…
but listen closer and you’ll understand
that stories are more than what is told with
words, but be every thing that’s close at hand
The wind rustled leaves have stories as well
Even the flames seem to have tales to tell


Sharing this today at dVerse, where it is Open Link Night (pub opens at 3pm Eastern Time). If you like this piece and would like to read more, click on the Elements Sonnets Cycle tab above, and then click on Fire to read my whole sonnet cycle up to this point.


13 thoughts on “Song of Fire – Part VII – While Those Around Speak a Story or Two

  1. It seems to be a mystery…how is it that even the fire itself has a story that can be heard when sitting silently around a campfire. I really love your poems of the fire, Bryan. 🙂

  2. An oasis of warmth and co-mingling surrounded by the night and howls of wild animals. Stories to connect in support and protection. The rustling leaves and cackling fire witness all and would have stories to tell. Your piece was very evocative.

  3. Oh I SO enjoyed reading this! Smiling I am…..having spent so many of our vacations when our children were our children at home, sitting beside a campfire before turning into the tent. The stories were told, the dreams shared. And sometimes we just sat and stared into the flames. The tales of the rustling leaves, the moon shadows and the flames…
    thank you for taking me back…

  4. There is something very special about sitting around a fire, your mind wandering through the flames …and yes, more than just words. There is feeling of mutual respect, a warmth and comfort from the fire, a stillness……
    Enjoyed this very much. 🙂

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