The Fable of the Doors

There were two doors both proud and fine
and each one had a purpose clear
The one door bore an “Exit” sign
the other one said “Enter Here”

The “enter” door thought he was best
“for without me no one could come
inside these walls. I do not jest
and at the exit, bite my thumb!”

The “exit” door could not agree
“this building would get far too full
if folks could not egress through me,
so ‘enter’ door, please stop your bull!

But then one day, they were no more
instead there was an entrance new
both in and out through the same door!
a door that was marked, simply, “through”

the moral of the story: don’t think too highly of yourself…you might be replaceable!


At dVerse, Lillian has invited us to use doors as our inspiration


12 thoughts on “The Fable of the Doors

  1. Love this fable! The revolving door is an entrance and an exit and we spin within. Great take on the prompt! Let’s not be too full of ourselves 🙂

  2. LOL And THAT’s the truth! We are all replaceable, aren’t we? Yes, this contains a little Aesop (as someone mentioned), also a little Dr Seuss, and maybe a touch of Piet Hein and William Steig too — nice! 🙂

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