NaPoWriMo Day 27 – Morning

When the alarm clock erupts in noise to alert me that morning has come
I lurch from the bed in effort to slap it silent before it wakes my wife,
then try to rub the crusty bits that have gathered in the corners of my eyes
I think that gunk is nature’s glue…
…its way of trying to keep my eyes shut because I need more sleep
and even when I’ve cleared my eyes the world remains in a state of blur
until I’ve shackled my face to my glasses
I stumble through the ritual of dressing and then
stagger down the hall to wake my kids so that they can get ready for school
my knees protest as I descend the stairs and then sigh as I sit down
at the computer to read some emails and compose some verse
(I wouldn’t be up yet, if my kids didn’t have school, but you know…
…you do what you have to do.
I struggle in vain to keep the kids on task with packing their lunch and stuff
(the one, especially, can get distracted by a stray gust of wind)
and then eventually, I head back upstairs to awaken my wife
I try to wake her gently, but always seem to startle her to consciousness
back down the stairs to grind some beans and brew the elixer called coffee
and once it’s done, I take a sip, and slowly start to come alive.


The prompt, today, at NaPoWriMo is to experiment in using long lines in our poetry. After my work was complete, I debated eliminating line-breaks completely, and just turning this into “prose poetry”. It really is interesting how the length of line can affect the over-all feel of the piece!


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