The Sword in the Stone

a sword in hardest stone stuck fast
and from its place could not be rent
“until such time” the legend went
“a worthy one should come at last”
a lengthy line of men amassed
each one his own praise tried to sing
but none of them could budge the thing
until a squire, small and slight
in need of sword to aid his knight
picked up the sword and became king


written for dVerse where the prompt today is to write a décima.  A ten line poem with 8 syllable in each line.  Rhyme scheme is ABBAACCDDC.  I wanted to write something Arthurian


13 thoughts on “The Sword in the Stone

  1. And indeed sometimes it is the smallest who really is the strongest. I like the way you have turned this legend into a decima! Clever and creative.

  2. I must get in line for the praises, you rocked & aced the form, used interesting words for the rhyme scheme, & retold the tale with panache.

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