I’m not…

I’m not holding the blade
I’m not making the cut
I’m not causing the wound
I’m not shedding your blood
And yet each time I turn away
and show that I don’t care,
I become the one who is
giving the knife a twist


It’s easy to be innocent of a crime, but guilty of a lack of compassion. That’s what I’ve been pondering for the last while, and therefore when we were given the word “twist” for the dVerse Quadrille prompt, I knew what to write about.


22 thoughts on “I’m not…

  1. Oooof!!! This is a powerful one in just 44 words. Ignoring, not seeing, avoiding — all are a twist of the knife. Well done. What do they say? The sin of omission?

  2. I love the wisdom and consequence of not caring and letting others have their ways ~ And yes, we do give the knife a twist ~

    Thanks for joining us Bryan ~

  3. This is a very powerful write. The message can be taken to many levels from personal to world peace. I think we all must ponder a little about our part of active compassion in this world. We tend to underestimate the effects of our tiny contributions.

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