NaPoWriMo Day 15 – Garden of Eden

“Is it the truth, from no tree may you eat?”
“No, just this one that tells us bad from good”
“And what might happen if you have a taste?”
“We’ll die, He said, forever we’d be lost”
“But you should taste! It’s fruit is the most sweet!”
“Oh, but I really do not think I should!”
“But would you leave such lovely fruit to waste?”
“I’d love to taste, but yet I fear the cost.”

“The fruit you see will not cause you to die”
“then why would He have told us, ‘touch it not’?”
“He fears the knowledge that you would attain”
“it has a pleasing look, perhaps you’re right”
“So pluck one fruit, and look God in the eye”
“but look at all these other trees we’ve got!”
“One taste, and you’ll be gods, so much you’ll gain!”
“I thank you, sir, for giving your insight!”

The serpent barely hid his wicked grin
as for the fruit Eve started to reach out
“That’s right, my dear, now taste a little bit”
she and her husband both now had a try
The serpent smiled, he’d caused this pair to sin
the couple saw their shame, and now felt doubt
“You fools! You’ve fallen prey to my great wit!”
now Eve and Adam knew that they would die

God cursed the serpent then to crawl in sand
Adam and Eve were banished from the land
Things didn’t turn out quite how God had planned
and yet He is not done, his love is grand


For NaPoWriMo, Maureen has challenged us to incorporate the idea of doubles into our poetry.  She suggested themes such as mirrors or twins, or use doubling in our technique (such as writing in couplets).  I have chosen to write a “double sonnet”  (although the two sonnets are dependent on each other, each sonnet uses Elizebethan rhythm and rhyme.  One sonnet is left justified, the other sonnet is indented).


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