NaPoWriMo Day 10 – Dreams Beyond Control

The prompt for NaPoWriMo today is Spine Poetry.  To create a spine poem, a poet will usually take a bunch of books and use the titles of those books as the lines of the poem.  Instead of books, I am using album titles.  I have put additional words in the poems in

order to give the poem some “flow”.  Album titles are in italics, and followed by a number in parentheses.  At the end of the poem, I have list of artists to correspond with the albums.  Some artists have been used more than once.


At the end ef the evening(1), as my mind moves
someplace between Heaven and Earth(2), I see an
imaginary day(3) on a different shore(1).
At a playground(4), she(5) is performing
a birds requiem(6).


Fast forward(7), and we are in love(5).
Depending on your point of view(7), we are
either speechless(8), or merely telling
stories without words(7).


letter from home(9) arrives, containing
folksong for a nuclear village(10).  These
tales of wonder(11) leave us restless(12)


You seek help(13) as I search for signs of life(8).
Anybody out there(14)?  I call with no answer returned.


Finally, I am catching the sun(7) through the curtains.
I rise and do my morning dance(7) and am thankful that
those visions were merely dreams beyond control(7)


(3)Pat Metheny
(4)Michel Petrucciani
(5)Harry Connick, Jr.
(6)Dhafer Yousef
(7)Spyro Gyra
(8)Steven Curtis Chapman
(9)Pat Metheny Group
(12)Bob James
(13)The Beatles
(14)Burlap to Cashemere


3 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 10 – Dreams Beyond Control

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