Sevenling (My Biggest Pet Peeves)

My biggest pet peeves are
people who cut me off,
speeders, and braggarts

today I cut someone off
while I was speeding to work
and now I’m bragging about it

some rules don’t apply


Just so you know…the above is NOT a true story…although often, people are most guilty of the things that they hate the most. Written for dVerse, where the topic today is sevenlings. Not sure I did this quite right, so I may have another go later…


23 thoughts on “Sevenling (My Biggest Pet Peeves)

  1. Heehee. This is great, Bryan. I love the progression of 3 verbs you hang your second stanza on. And your zinger line is awesome!
    Please do try as many of these as you like, and link up. I’ll be reading all day…

  2. I should hope it’s not true! These are the short kind of lines I somehow expected for the sevenling (for no particular reason, I’m sure longer lines are fine too).

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