NaPoWriMo Day 6 – Table Grace

My plate starts full at every meal
and by the end no crumbs remain
and yet too often I forget
that I am blessed, instead complain
of little things that matter not

I know that there are many who
don’t have the blessings I’ve received
and every time they find a scrap
of food to eat they are relieved
to know they’ll live another day

O Lord, forgive this attitude
I have of looking for the bad
O help me count my many boons
so that my heart might be made glad
then help me bless the ones in need


at NaPoWriMo, we have been given the prompt of writing about food. I wanted to do something a bit more serious, about how blessed I am…and yet how quick I am to count all the things that have gone wrong instead of countless blessings. The rhyme scheme was accidental (I was planning on xaxa,xbxb,etc, but somehow it felt “right” to have an additional unrhymed line at the end of each stanza.


5 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 6 – Table Grace

    • I think that human nature is to complain (mine certainly is!), but I want to try to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness. Certainly a work in progress!

  1. Lovely take on the food prompt. This is definitely a good reminder for us all to be thankful for the little things we have. A full plate of food, not going hungry, truly little things we sometimes take for granted.

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