NaPoWriMo Day 2 – Square Pegs, Round Holes

The prompt at logo-napowrimofor day 2 is to write a poem that takes the form of a “family portrait”.  That is probably one of the most unique prompts for poetry that I have ever seen, so I’m not sure how well I’ll do, but would like to give it a try…I’m limiting the “portrait” to a description of the personalities of my three boys.


Three boys were tasked with taking pegs
as square as they could be
and asked to put those pegs in holes
(but round ones, do you see?)

The eldest spoke an hour at least
with logic, science, fact
explaining that square pegs, round holes
present a hopeless act

The middle child stomped his foot
and said, “this job’s not fair!”
But then he stopped, forgot the task,
read books without a care.

The youngest one looked at the holes
then grabbed the square peg sack
and with a mallet bashed those pegs
until they fit “Whack Whack!”


My wife came up with a way of describing our three boys using the “square pegs and round holes” analogy…so my job here, was to take that description and turn it into a poem.


4 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 2 – Square Pegs, Round Holes

  1. What a great job you’ve done!!! And it’s only fitting that it was a composite work of you and your wife together. I think you should print that up in a delightful font on good quality cardstock and frame a copy for each boy. They will cherish this piece many years from now.

  2. I love this! Your poem was fun to read and I think you definitely achieved your goal of describing your sons using the analogy! Super creative and well done 🙂

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