No Poem Today

No poem today for Open Link
no inspiration came my way
my Muse told me she couldn’t think
I’m sorry, there’s no poem today
I wish to speak to you in verse
but cannot think of any rhymes
I cannot think of much that’s worse
but that’s the way it goes sometimes
I hope that in two weeks from now
I’ll have a poem to share with you
but for right now, I must allow
my Muse to think of something new
I am so sorry that today
I have to poem to send your…hey wait a minute…!


Sharing this for Open Link Night at dVerse. Come on by and share your own poetry, or just browse through “Mr. Linky” to read the works of some fabulous poets!

Oh…and tomorrow is the start of NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month).  Why not join the fun at


10 thoughts on “No Poem Today

    • I like to “mix it up” a bit. Sometimes I want to write something “deep”, but other times, it’s nice to give my readers something to smile/laugh about. Glad to give you a good start to the day!

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