Permanence of Brevity

when cherry blossom
scatter –
no regrets (Issa)

Why are we attracted to sculpture and painting, poetry and song? These man-made attempts at recreating the natural beauty of the world around us cannot hope to fully replicate the subject being replicated.

There are those who might argue that a painting of cherry blossoms cheapens the experience because the very impermanence of the blossoms is part of their beauty. I would argue, though, that because art is not a re-creation, but merely a reminder of the real thing, that it is, in its own right, beautiful.

Perhaps art is a single bite of a much larger banquet, but oh, what a delicious bite it is!

the brevity of
cherry blossoms – eternal
in silver and ink


The above piece inspired by Kanzen Sakura’s prompt at dVerse, and by this beautiful coin recently released by the Royal Canadian Mint.

cherry blossom

(Celebration of Spring coin can be found at the Royal Canadian Mint web page)




13 thoughts on “Permanence of Brevity

  1. That’s a beautiful coin in silver & ink ~

    And I admire this line best: Perhaps art is a single bite of a much larger banquet, but oh, what a delicious bite it is!

    A lovely haibun Bryan ~ Have a good week ~

  2. My comment did not come through….but I totally agree with you. It seems the permanence of images only emphasize the impermanence of the beautiful brief things of this world. This is a wonderful write Bryan. Thank you so much for responding to the prompt and for linking this.

  3. Yes, the brevity of cherry blossoms….but truly I think we appreciate the beauty more if it is not long lasting! I did enjoy your poem.

  4. Lovely work. And what a uniquely beautiful coin.
    Your poem reminds me that I’ve often thought about how we see something in nature and remark, “That’s as beautiful as a postcard” or “That’s perfect enough to be a postcard” — when all the time, the only reason we have perfect pictures on postcards is because the Lord provided the “real things” in nature to start with. The postcards are valuable ONLY because they give us permanent “copies” of beautiful, but impermanent reality. (Of course, you said all of this in far fewer words than it took me here.)

  5. Love how you brought in the coin…how perfect for the prompt! I think there is nothing wrong with any reminders of the short lived wonders of life we often take for granted. Really enjoyed this, Bryan.

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