Spring is Here

I think I heard that Spring is here!
that lovely time when green things grow
and sun’s descent begins to slow

it is my favourite time of year
but still I wish to cry, here’s why:
there’s one thing that is far too clear

outside there’s still a foot of snow
…I thought I heard that Spring is here…


at dVerse, Victoria has introduced us to a form called the Octain Refrain.  It comprises of 2 tercets and a couplet in iambic tetrameter or pentameter (poet’s choice).  Rhyme scheme is A-b-b, a-c/c-a, b-A.  Capital A denotes that the first line is echoed in the final line, and some variation is allowed.  The middle line of the 2nd tercet contains internal rhyme.

By the way, a “foot of snow” might be a slight exaggeration.


23 thoughts on “Spring is Here

  1. So glad there is no snow where I live! Very nice use of the prompt. Spring is indeed here according to the calendar, which is why I’m looking forward to summer. Peace, Linda

  2. I know….its icy and cold today ~ I think the weather is messing us up, warm then cold, then cold and warm for the weekend ~

    Love your refraining first and last line Bryan ~

  3. Great minds & all that, right, writing parallel poetics–who knew? We got no snow in W. WA this year, which was fine with me–didn’t have to strangle any snowflakes.

  4. Heehee. We were just in Lake Tahoe, which got about a foot of snow on Monday. Great fun, for those of us on spring break…especially when we get to come home to mid-70’s. 😉

  5. Well.. SMiLes
    Bryan.. pushing
    3 weeks behind
    here.. can onLY
    hope by now..
    that snow
    has melted
    and flowers are
    yours as flowers
    never melted in
    Florida.. overall..
    aT all.. iN the warmest
    WiNter ever recorded
    iN human warming wayS..:)

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