Song of Fire – Part V – As the Embers Fade and then Glow Anew

As the embers fade and then glow anew
in a manner reminiscent of some
fiery creature’s beating heart…as a few
sparks leap skyward like they have really come
from the stars, and after a short visit would
return from whence they came…as the flames dance
as to some secret melody…we could
easily imagine that there’s a chance
that the flames are alive and wish to speak
to us, but in a tongue we do not know.
It’s easy to believe that if we seek
the flames’ wisdom, then our knowledge will grow
as a log is placed to help the flames swell
we find ourselves in a delightful spell


Today is Open Link Night at dVerse – the night where there is no prompt, and poets are invited to share any one piece that they choose.  If you have been following my progress on my “Song of Fire” sonnet cycle, you will see that I have switched gears quite a bit with this piece.  I wanted to convey the hypnotic effect that fire can have, and the many things that we might imagine as we enjoy a crackling blaze.

To see the entire cycle thus far, click here.  To read my completed cycle, “Water”, click here.

18 thoughts on “Song of Fire – Part V – As the Embers Fade and then Glow Anew

  1. Caught in a spell by flames talking a language of their own that somehow touches us – Great sense of capture here and recognition too… For me, the best of the evening so far…

  2. Mesmerising, and I think the incantatory effect is heightened by the metre and rhyme. Have you considered leaving a space/gap instead of ellipsis? I think that would leave room for the ‘oxygen’ which fans the flames.

    • I considered leaving a gap, but was worried that my readers might not ‘get’ the break in thought that I intended. Apparently I should give my readers more credit 🙂
      I hadn’t actually thought of those breaks as a chance for the fire to breathe, so you make a fabulous point! Thanks!

  3. SMiLes.. if God could
    take the form
    oF a human
    not likely
    that many
    folks would
    aLL oF
    but trUly even
    science says All oF
    uS are a fractal of iT
    aLL now..
    the jury’s
    out.. God
    iS real
    wE.. as
    part oF ALL..:)

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