Et Tu Brute?

When many men each held a knife
and plunged those blades through Julius’ skin
Did Caesar notice every blow
or was one cut the greatest sin?

When Brutus looked down at his hand
did his thoughts stray from his grim goal
was he just just helping slay a king
or was he stabbing his friend’s soul?

When hands of love refuse to care
The Ides of March is come. Beware!


the prompt at dVerse is “hands”. Today, being the Ides of March, I could not resist “taking a stab” at using hands in connection with Caesar’s death.


16 thoughts on “Et Tu Brute?

  1. I think he was stabbing the king, not the friend ~ Liking the “stabbing” connection to the Ides of March ~

    Thanks for joining us Bryan ~

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