On How Politicians May Be Unwittingly Preventing Alien Invasions

“Bout-Rimés” (boo-reeMAY) is a poetic exercise where one poet gives another poet a list of “end rhymes” (or the last word for each line of a poem).  It is then up to the one who received the list to write a poem, using the given words in order in a poem that hopefully makes sense.  The list given, today, at dVerse was “stay, sits, play, wits, fits, comedy, flits, tragedy, eye, smart, cry, heart, moan, stone”

The green dude said, “I like this place, I’ll stay!
now take me to the place your leader sits”
I wondered if he’d make a power play
or simply wished to test our leaders’ wits
In parliament, MPs¹ were throwing fits
the green dude asked, “is this a comedy?
They seem to act as if they have The Flits²”
But then he realized this was tragedy
“I’d almost rather poke out my main eye
than watch these folks who think that they’re so smart.
Let’s leave, I cannot bear this hue and cry”
I said, “that’s just the way they show their heart”
The green dude spoke out in a strangled moan
“then I’ll away, this Earth’s a useless stone.”

¹In Canada, MP is short for Member of Parliament – the term for those who are elected to represent us in the nation’s capital of Ottawa

²The Flits is a tragic disease on the aliens’ home world that makes them yell crazy things, pound on tables, and act like…well…human politicians

15 thoughts on “On How Politicians May Be Unwittingly Preventing Alien Invasions

  1. Ha, I love your humor! I hope that “the Flits” does not become an epidemic. I do think, however, that the Green Dude is right to be on his way…there may be better places! Smiles.

  2. Brilliant and I smiled merely reading the title. I think the Green Dude eventually realised The Flits is endemic in corridors of power…
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  3. I had a good laugh at this one . Can you imagine what the greed dude would think of our politicians? A comedy show indeed. I think some here might want to go with the green dude.

  4. Politics is a comedy indeed ~ I specially like this ending: then I’ll away, this Earth’s a useless stone.” Never thought of The Flits 🙂

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