SONG OF FIRE – PART IV – Let the Flames Drive Away the Cold of Night

Let the flames drive away the cold of night
so that in comfort and joy we can share
the fire’s cheerful glow. Let us delight
in the friendships that first spark, and then flare
into existence as we talk and sing
together around this circle. While some
of these new relationships may not bring
lasting warmth, there are those that will become
a lasting flame to keep you warm throughout
your life. Those that last only a season
are of value, but those that last…Ah! Shout
for joy! They’re the ones who bring life Reason!
Some friendships may dim, but some will stay true
As the embers fade, and then glow anew.


At long last, I have finally written part IV of this cycle (part III was published back on Jan.21).  I’ll be sharing this with dVerse for Open Link Night.


To see the entire work, thus far, hover over the “Elements Sonnet Cycles” tab above, and click on Fire.


16 thoughts on “SONG OF FIRE – PART IV – Let the Flames Drive Away the Cold of Night

  1. Old school chums, college pals, several work friends, couples my wife insisted I meet–the real friendships, stretching out from 20-50 years, these
    are the dusky gems in the crown of life; for sure.

  2. And cheers for those friendships that can last a lifetime ~ And I love the title & form ~ It is fitting for this cold cold winter night ~

  3. I love these sonnet cycles that you write. This one has such an open-hearted feel as you cheer on friendships…either short or long term, they all are meaningful.

  4. Ah.. yes.. stars of friendship… do come in
    tandem orbits.. but then as planets
    miss orbits iN common
    Suns.. of
    fAlLing aWay
    further iN Star
    Dust dos and don’ts
    and yes.. never the less..
    Stars that stick togeThEr

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