Moving So Fast I Seem To Stay Still

I’ve walked the streets of many towns
whilst sitting in my chair
I’ve gone to countless places
without going anywhere
I lately gazed both up and down
a Russian river blue
just one day after Mexico
I swear this all is true!
These places, though, all seem the same
no matter where I’ve been
’cause I’ve been using Google Street View
on my ‘puter screen
Perhaps one day I’ll really go
to places far away
but for right now, the place I am
is where I have to stay.


at dVerse, guest host Matthew Henningsen is inviting us to write poetry about our travel adventures.  I have been to a few places, but not nearly as many as I would like…especially recently.  Oh well…maybe some day


15 thoughts on “Moving So Fast I Seem To Stay Still

  1. Google street view is so amazing. I took a “trip” around my neighborhood the other day and discovered a small pond I didn’t know was within walking distance. Oddly enough when I looked at our home, I saw my mother’s car in the drive – the car was sold a few years ago. Wow….I always so enjoy journeying to your poems. the trip never disappoints.

  2. My hubby loves to view the world that way too. An interesting take on the prompt. I like it. Now I should go check out Street View somewhere exotic…Saskatoon maybe? 😉

  3. I use it too and its fun to see how the streets look like specially when its your first time to go there ~ But other than that, I really like going to new places & cities ~

  4. WeLL.. i suppose the best
    thing about Google Earth
    is at least there is a
    vicarious way
    now.. out oF
    Google Earth..
    and alWays
    a choice
    for a way
    out of prison
    iN four walls iF
    not work.. ugh..
    prison walls for pay..:)

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