If I remember, the skies were clear.

Although neither my wife nor I are much for wine, we were in British Columbia (Canada)’s Okanagan Valley, so vineyards were what we were exploring. At the moment, we were standing near the pyramid at Summerhill Winery, near the city of Kelowna and visiting with a man from the East Coast of Canada.

We had been married for less than two weeks and were therefore much too busy enjoying being tourists together to worry about trifling things such as the news. So when this man told us that because of events in the United States, his flight had been cancelled, I was understandably confused. “What could possibly happen,” I wondered aloud, “in the United States that would ground flights here in Canada?” It was now the turn of the man from the Maritimes to be confused. “You haven’t heard?”

We quickly returned to our hotel to confirm that this man’s story was indeed true – a continent away – as close as my heart, an event that would later be known simply as “Nine Eleven” had forever changed the world

a small sparrow falls
less than a penny in worth –
tears of God descend


at dVerse, we are writing haibun based on our own travel experiences.  The above story is my least favourite experience of travel, but certainly one of the ones that I remember most vividly (at least certain aspects of it)


14 thoughts on “If I remember, the skies were clear.

  1. Yeah your haiku is killer. This is a gripping emotional ride, & you presented it well. I happened to be watching TV when the second plane hit the the second tower; like watching the Enola Gay drop Fatman on Hiroshima.

  2. I just glanced at Victoria’s comment and noticed that your poem gave her chills, too. It don’t think it will ever matter how much time passes by, the thought of that day will always do unbalanced things to my heart. Your haiku hits home and makes the windows cry.

  3. Just mentioning “9-11” and I can feel the memory of dread and fear of that day. Thanks for sharing your personal story with a tender ending haiku, Bryan.

  4. Traveling back to 911.. now..
    Department Head meeting
    at Navy.. operations..
    cold heARted leader
    says get back to
    business.. there
    will probably be
    many more attacks..
    nothing we can do about
    it.. get back to work.. produce..

    Figuring out finally
    i am a slave..
    how to get free.. FiN Leave..

    6 years after.. deadly success..
    12 years
    later.. simply Bliss and Free..

    15 years after..
    one word
    M I R A C L E..

    Now younger
    iN Spirit
    than ever before..

    at 55..

    Yes.. this makes
    6 Fredkus..
    you inspire me..;)

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