a shaft of light might fill a room
and make that space all warm and bright
but curtains drawn can even doom
a shaft of light.

Enshrouded as it is in night
the shadows seem to rise and loom
it’s such a very dismal sight

When walls feel closer than a tomb
and every breath comes as a fight
we crave that which can kill the gloom:
a shaft of light.


Today’s theme at dVerse is rooms.  I wanted to give a bit of a “fear of the dark” feel to this.  On a further note: this past Thursday, the challenge was to write a poem in the form called Rondel.  When I was doing a bit of research on the rondel form (in addition to the fantastic information provided at the dVerse website), I read that the rondel was not to be confused with the roundel.  Of course, that got my curiosity piqued.  My previous post is a Rondel, this poem is a Roundel.

A roundel, as a form, falls somewhere in between the Rondel and the Rondeau.  It is a poem of 11 lines with only 2 rhyme sounds.  The refrain (the fourth and final lines of the poem), echo the first half of the 1st line.  (rhyme scheme is ABAR, BAB, ABAR (where “R” is the refrain).  Incidentally, for a proper rondel, the refrain must rhyme with the “B” lines.


21 thoughts on “Fright

  1. Ha, good for you for trying a roundel! And so well done, I might add. Really interesting, isn’t it, how even one shaft of light in a dark room can change the atmosphere completely!

  2. Wow, Bryan, I love this. It all can get very confusing with all these very similar but very different forms to keep track of…this is great. Yes, you captured that fright of the dark.

  3. You’ve succeeded beautifully, both with roundel and the atmosphere you wished to create. Thanks for sharing this form (now I’ll have to have a go, lol.)

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