When you have no clue

Do you
sometimes lie
awake and wonder why
the sky is blue?
If a child asked the reason, what would you do?
Would you spin a yarn while looking him in the eye?
Do you…
…sometimes lie?
sometimes, when you have no clue
do you try
to get your audience to buy
a tall tale or two?
Do you?


at dVerse, Gayle is having us write rondels.  She told us that usually a rondel has 8 syllables per line, but we could feel free to stray from that if we chose to.  I chose to  :-).

The rondel is comprised of 13 lines in total, with only two end-rhymes.  Line 1 (rhyme “A”) is repeated in lines 7 and 13, and line 2 (rhyme “B”) is repeated in line 8.  Over-all rhyme scheme is ABba,abAB,abbaA (capital letters denote the repeated “refrain” lines, and lower case letters indicate which of the refrain lines the other lines rhyme with)


25 thoughts on “When you have no clue

      • I do this, too, though I usually have to explain to my autistic 6-year-old that I am only joking, and “Here’s the real answer. No, really. This is the real part.”

  1. You kicked butt with this one, having fun, yet fully inhabiting the parameters of the form–your choice of shorter than usual lines is clever & imaginative.

  2. Bryan, you so often come up with an interesting take on a prompt. This is no exception. I love how you used two different meanings of lie! And, ha, I bet we all have told a tall tale or two.

  3. Ah Gayle, you’ve taken a demanding form and turned it into a playful play with words, and included a scene of innocence and moved it to the question of a lie in more serious times. I smiled at this one…..so artfully constructed. Enjoyed this very very much….and that, lying here recumbent on the couch, is the truth! 🙂

  4. SMiLes.. then now
    alWays cautious
    of church am i..
    after aLL science
    SayeS clergy
    top ten
    LoRe.. lesSon
    lEarned bY
    now then..
    so sAdly
    oF church
    then now..:)

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