Some Thoughts on Notebooks

I find a new notebook is hard to resist

When I’m in the stationary aisle, those
coil-bound books that contain nothing
but empty lines seem to call out to me:
“fill these lines with ink, for
within these pages, a masterpiece
will spring forth”

And therein lies the problem of a new notebook,
for when I uncap my pen, and prepare to write,
those crisp clean pages
seem to change their message and say:
“Write, but be careful. we are yet pristine,
and you would not want to mar us
with wasted ink.”

I love the look, the feel, the promise
of a new notebook…

But somehow…

The old, dog-eared book that contains
more scribbles than words…
That notebook has become my friend
for when I open its cover, the message
it gives me is “write your thoughts…
try your hardest to compose your masterpiece,
but you will receive no judgement from me
for your scribbles and scrawls.  I will not
be upset over your 14 line sonnets that
fill 14 pages before you are satisfied, for
your scribbles are not errors or blots, but the
highways marked on a road-map that
will guide you ever closer
to the place you want to be”

I love a new notebook, but only the old ones love me back.


The other day at Costco, as I was passing by some new notebooks, I started to contemplate my love of blank pages, and the seed for a poem was planted.  I am sharing what sprouted from that seed for Open Link Night at dVerse


18 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Notebooks

    • Thank you! I will admit that much of my poetry is written “on the fly” directly into WordPress, but the ones that I want to get “just right” are often penned…and re-penned numerous times on paper before they ever get published.

  1. I empathize. I always love to look at expensive new notebooks, but when it comes time to writing something I always go back to the tried and true too. (Or the computer – smiles) But oh I could be a collector of beautiful blank books if I let myself…

  2. Have you been peeking at my collection of pristine notebooks? I think all of us writers feel a bit like that… I had to laugh wryly all through this – great sense of humour.

  3. Last year I wrote anything and everything from lists, resolutions, birthdays, quotes and thoughts in an ordinary year diary. I love to look back on it now, and would never throw it. Shame I still have’nt bought one for this year. Your poem says it all.

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