[Photo courtesy of dVerse host, Gabriella – used by permission]

Tears flow unbidden as the train takes me away from all that I’ve ever known.  A journey such as mine might be undertaken for many different reasons…for some, they are fleeing a past that has left them broken and shattered.  For others, the journey is one of hope, a seeking out of new opportunities.  For me, I leave the place that I loved, but life’s circumstances have taken away all that I once held dear.

As if the sky understands my emotions, the clouds begin to weep.  I long to stand with arms outstretched and let the sky’s tears merge with my own, but alas, a sheet of glass prevents me from feeling the drizzle’s cool embrace.

the window pane
once again stops
the rain’s caress


Today is Haibun Monday at dVerse.  A haibun is a Japanese for that combines prose with haiku.  I’m rebelling a bit against the rules, and ending my prose section with a Than Bauk (a Burmese poetic form) instead of a haiku.


19 thoughts on “Embrace

  1. I admire the deep emotions of these line: As if the sky understands my emotions, the clouds begin to weep.

    Some journeys are difficult, specially one where : life’s circumstances have taken away all that I once held dear.

    I like to feel that cool rain caress ~

  2. Very sad when one no longer has all that one loved. And I could definitely understand the emotions…the wish to merge one’s tears with the rain. Really, Bryan, this is an outstanding haibun!

  3. The than bauk is heartbreaking and….perfect. Such a very poignant write. Your take on the photo just changed the whole picture for me. thank you for this inside of you, even if it is fiction.

  4. TRains oF culTures
    windows freedoms
    outside box
    no longer
    coming back
    home.. camp
    cold and
    virtual life
    reels or
    feels life
    fishing whole…

    Catch of
    the day septic
    tank comfort..:)

  5. I found the first paragraph of prose to be very unique in that it allowed for the reader to relate to their own journey. “For some….”For others….”For me”…..Very cool.
    Nice imagery with the weeping clouds and wanting to become one with them. I really enjoyed this. 🙂

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