[The Blue Marble Shot:  Public Domain]

When viewed from space, the earth is a marble
of the most exquisite blues and greens, browns and whites.
Its beauty is undeniable – and yet
when we zoom in a bit closer…let’s look at the ocean…

we see the restless waves. Majestic in their height
awesome in their kinetic power, beautiful in the flecks of foam
they produce as they break

against the shore. Closer still we look and see a single
drop reflecting the world in a perfect inversion.
Dare to zoom in to the microscopic levels
and see the beautiful symmetry of diatoms, and then to cells down to DNA
and smaller still

to see the wonders of molecules bonded in marvelous chemical ways.
Dare I mention the nuclear marvels of individual atoms which are, themselves
formed of even smaller parts too miraculously small for my mind to
begin to comprehend?

When viewed from space, the earth is a marble
will we be content to match marbles in a computer game?


The topic today at dVerse is ecopoetry.  These poems are supposed to speak of man’s relationship to nature, and encourage change, but without becoming political rant.  I’m not sure that I have quite managed this…but I’ll let you, dear reader, be the judge of that.


24 thoughts on “Minutiae

  1. I think of the last line of the movie, Day After Tomorrow – about global warming and then a massive nuclear freeze in North America – people evacuated to South America….The day after the storm settled, a couple of astronauts who were orbiting around the earth, looked down. You saw continents above the equator dead white….one of the astronauts says, I’ve never seen the sky so clear….and it is true. the storm has cleansed part of the earth of humans and had already begun to heal itself. Interesting movie. This poem reminds me of it. I like how your poem starts in space and comes down to micro-cellular level.

  2. Wow, cinematic, scientific, sensual, quantum physics & poetic philosophy all rolled into a cohesive message; super rocking of the prompt & excellent read.

  3. I love the micro-viewyou’ve taken here, Bryan. It leads us to look closer, think smaller. If we all did that – for the earth, for each other – what a different world it would be.

  4. No political rant, just giving us the big and small lens view of the earth ~ From space, it does look like a marble but there are worlds within our world – from the ocean to the small molecules, all wonders we can’t even comprehend ~

    Thanks for the wonderful perspective of nature ~

  5. I love the look at earth in microcosm……..sadly, we are playing computer games while earth struggles to survive.

  6. It would be interesting to be able to view earth from outer space. It is interesting to think about what we would see if we would zoom out and zoom in!

  7. Very thought provoking. We do need to see the Earth as a beautiful planet in the cosmos. To get that bigger perspective is essential.

  8. As a huge fan of SciFi I felt its influence here keenly and really appreciated the mental travel of that influence. Lovely.

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