Swirling Forms

would be
so bold as
to ask you if
you would be willing to
place your hand in mine and
dance me
in swirling forms across the floor
becoming the envy of all
who watch our moves
but I have
two left


Today at dVerse, we are writing poems with exactly 44 words.  Our poems must use the word “dance” as a verb with and object.  I chose to place the key word and attached object at the exact center of my piece.  Lines have 1,2,3,4,5,6,2,6,5,4,3,2,1 words respectively.  I’m hoping that the “swirling forms” will be self evident in the shape of this poem.


21 thoughts on “Swirling Forms

  1. Most of the dancing of our youth was more solo than paired up traditional ballroom flourishes, But I feel you. Two left feet are a common ailment.

  2. Smiling I am. I’m also wondering, if people actually have to go through “asking” someone to dance anymore? I remember the dances, with the young girls (me included) standing along the wall waiting for a boy to come up and ask us to dance. It was either humiliating or exhilarating. I don’t even think many young people “ask” each other for dates anymore….with the likes of all the internet matching sites available. Tis a different world than the one I grew up in. Love this poem!

  3. Brilliant….it really does look like a swirling top….although if the gentleman in question has two left feet it might be more like a dangerous swirling cyclone by the time the poor lady makes it out of there…alive!? 😛

  4. SMiLes.. never much
    for dancing girls dancing life..
    with me.. wall flower am i in
    20’s… but once
    in a while a
    six pack
    of beer says
    liquor dances
    better.. no more
    drinks.. dancing
    life.. i free solo..
    now girls come
    to me so FREE..:)

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