The Pauper and the Powerball

At night with giant ticket heaps
The pauper sleeps.
He dreams of wealth that’s surely near
without the fear
that he might lose. He’ll soon buy things
that cash can bring
And while awake, he hums and sings
“The lotto numbers will be mine!”
But would a win be quite so fine?
The pauper sleeps without the fear that money brings


With the recent Powerball lottery in the USA, millions of people dreamed of becoming billionaires over night. I have wondered, though, about the stress that such a windfall might bring. I’m sure that if I were the winner (and I had no chance, because I never buy lottery tickets), I’m sure I’d spend the rest of my life constantly looking over my shoulder, wondering when one of my kids would be kidnapped for ransom, or who is trying to con me. I suspect that there is a certain type of security that is rarely felt by the extremely rich.

I’ll be sharing this with dVerse Poets where we are writing a form called “Ovillejo


19 thoughts on “The Pauper and the Powerball

  1. You chose a current topic & rolled with it. Ha, I never buy lottery tickets either. I understand the sleeping without the fear that money brings! Smiles.

  2. Wonderful & topical; you had fun with both the form & the message, but I sense some serious concerns just below the surface.

  3. Some of us here bought some tickets, hey the prize was ridiculous, smiles ~

    Really admire that last line of the pauper sleeping without fear ~ I am sure a lot of people were dreaming of winning that much money 🙂

    Thanks for trying out this form ~

  4. Your last line contradicts the mistaken belief of the pauper… but clarifies your message so well. Excellent commentary and what a good use of form – you’re all doing so well with this form, I’m envious!

  5. Wow!!! Timely topic, handled within the form so very very well. A very fun read — with a somewhat sobering end message. The pauper, poor in so many ways, rich in others. Great job – smiling I am at your take on this. And, from the news last night, evidently there are three winners for the billion dollar prize! Can not imagine—

  6. This is great, Bryan. I knew this had to do with the latest Powerball craze. They announced that one of the winners was from Florida and I was hoping that it would turn out to be my daughter (she bought a ticket Wednesday for her birthday)…but alas, no. I don’t buy tickets either.

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