Why is my muse so difficult?

my muse and I are arguing
about my use of ink
she tells me something to jot down
and then she says “that stinks”
my spiral notebook has more marks
of stuff that’s scribbled out
than actual decent poetry
it makes me want to shout
so if you’re waiting for Part 3
of sonnet cycle “Fire”
I hope you’ll see it in two weeks
so please suppress your ire!
Why is my muse so difficult
for me to work along?
Each time she says, “It’s time to write”
it turns out she is wrong.

written for OLN at dVerse, because my muse won’t allow me to write what I really want to.  Now that I’ve given in to lack of inspiration, I hope to be flooded with it as soon as it’s too late.  Oh well…only 2 weeks til the next OLN!


11 thoughts on “Why is my muse so difficult?

  1. This certainly works. I like writing about writing. My muse has been off for a year and what little I have written has been embarrassing. It is true – it’s use it or lose it in the poetry game too. Not thinking poetically has caused my work to become more trite and sentimental than ever I fear. Not here – this was crisp, well penned, and witty. That’s no small feat, sir!

  2. Smiles, at least you are able to write something at the end ~ I can relate to some difficult times but the main idea is just to write anything ~ Looking forward to you next sonnet ~

  3. Like Fred, my Muse has many faces & several personas, as I think do I. Years ago I only wrote a poem when a new relationship began, a flood of poetics in lust, or when tragedy struck, etc, so 10 poems a year, or 1 a month was the output; but these days I might write 1-3 per week. Perhaps Gay is correct, one needs to be both prompted & willing to keep after it to avoid lethargy.

  4. Just keep writing, Bryan. The muse doesn’t always give you what you want; sometimes, she gives you what you need, though.

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