Oh!  thou countless points of light
that scat’red ‘cross the sky this night
thou dost create a wondrous sight
so even darkness becomes bright
thou shineth down on one and all
we look to thee and feel so small
it might be easy now to fall
down on our knees, and in thy thrall
call out to thee as gods afar
and pray to thee, “how great thou are”
to worship each and every star
that shines upon this orb of tar
but thou art tiny in compare
to the Great THOU who put thee there


at dVerse, the prompt is “stars”.  Stars always remind me of how small I am in comparison to the vastness of the universe…but being one who believes in a God who created all, I need to remind myself that even the cosmos pale in comparison to the One who made all.

I have been consciously avoiding iambic poetry for a while, but felt the need to write in that meter today.  This is iambic tetrameter.


19 thoughts on “Thou

  1. Wow, Bryan, this gave me a chill. I found the classic style just ideal for it and it almost felt as though it could be put to music with a harpsichord and complex choral arrangement. I like how you incorporate aspects of Christmas carols and hymns. Very nice.

  2. I admire the classic poetic form Bryan ~ Like you I feel small when seeing the stars but the Great Architect is the greatest of all ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  3. Oh Bryan. This has such an antique and reverent beauty to it. Truly indeed like a psalm – old language for old stars. This is just a wonder in its form and feel. This poem has become part of my devotionals for this evening. Thank you.

  4. A timeless quality to this poem, no doubt thanks also the iambic tetrameter (a nice change from pentameter) and the archaic ‘thou’ and ‘thee’. I feel transported back to Elizabethan times!

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