Song of Fire – Part II – Come Gather by the Dancing Flick’ring Light

“Come Gather!” By the dancing, flick’ring light
of a small fire surrounded by wood
seating, a man calls to all within sight,
“Join me by my cheerful blaze. For why should
you be cold outside this circle, while I
have plenty of warmth to share?” Most of those
who hear the invitation wonder why
a stranger would summon them. They suppose
that it’s a trap, so hurry on their way.
A few, though, heed the call, and find that soon
they start to know others who chose to stay
and friendships grow under the smiling moon.
There’s comfort outside, beneath the Great Bear
With friends around, and a stump for a chair.


I am sharing this over at dVerse, where today will be Open Link Night. Wonder over to see some works by many other poets…and if you are a poet, submit your own piece!

To read all of Song of Fire thus far, hover your cursor above “The Elements – Sonnet Cycles” up above, and then click on “Fire” or click on “Water” if you wish to see a completed cycle.


20 thoughts on “Song of Fire – Part II – Come Gather by the Dancing Flick’ring Light

  1. Yes, yes, a wonderful heartfelt poetic that strums positive vibes midst the darkness of today’s events. it cheered me up. I joined the circle in my mind, already considering building my own fire at the beach over Christmas, & inviting strangers to sit with me; and kudos for writing a continuing connected cycle of elemental poems. My own is a love song to Western movies, unpublished novels, & new poetic forms (mine being Cinemagenic).Two years & 51 episodes into it, it continues to inspire me.

  2. “They suppose
    that it’s a trap”

    I’m ashamed to say that I assume almost everyone being nice, especially if a stranger, is trying to “trap” me in some way. I don’t really trust anyone.

  3. I admire his generosity and invitation to others, who are strangers ~ I think it takes time to build trust again ~ A lovely addition to your sonnet project Bryan ~

  4. Just loved this–at first I felt as though I were reading in a medieval setting, then I transitioned to a native campsite. In any case, the warmth of the fire and companionship, refused through fear, a compelling image when we are tempted to live in fear every time we turn on the news.

  5. Ooh, I love the double meaning in “stump”! Seriously, I’m all excited and clapping my hands over the notion. There is no better “chair” than a seat in which to ponder what stumps us most of all. Give me a good riddle, a paradox, a nice complexity in motion, and I’ll be happy for days.

      • Oh, I know. I just like to make up imaginary funsies when I read poetry. I have to bring something to the table too, you know. 😉

  6. Interestingly.. my X-Feral
    cat is afraid of no humans
    and my always domesticated
    cat is afraid of all humans
    of the male variety
    except for me..
    and interestingly..
    before i regain
    my wild.. i am
    a little to a
    and timid too..
    only a very soft
    species will be afraid
    of other members of
    the same species..
    if a feral
    can trust
    humans.. at
    least me..
    15 times
    in so many
    ways my cat
    saves my life
    heart terms of
    spirit and soul..
    and allows me
    better to be free
    now.. by simply
    and meowy
    lessons of wild for
    life me.. now.. as
    weLL.. and FREE..:)

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