The colour of Life

“Of course not!” is what
Most people say
when I tell them the colour of Life.
“It’s green!” They insist…
as they think of plants in spring
as they poke their way
through the soil to greet the sun.
The colour of Life, though
is not the colour of things with life
but the colour of the essence
of Life itself.
I assure you that
Life is Orange.
Sometimes they’ll ask, “why orange?”
and that is like asking
why the sky is blue
or lips are red.
Life is orange, simply,
because it isn’t any other colour.


Over at dVerse, we are talking synesthesia – a condition where some people perceive one sense as another (they’ll hear a colour, or see a sound).  For many years now, I have said that “Life is Orange”.  I was quite surprised when I met another person who, independently of me, held the same view…and so did someone else that he knew.  Turns out that all 3 of us also agree that philosophy is blue (almost purple).


12 thoughts on “The colour of Life

  1. I think you are on to something. Snaky Poet (Passionate Crone, Rosemary Nissen) linked her poem and I hope you will read it. She apparently agrees and that not only orange, but it (life) should be fun and messy. My colors of life change.. usually I just settle for white because it contains all te colors, including orange! Excellent take on the prompt.

  2. I love this, Bryan. How cool that you have a connection with two others who see life as orange. All that matters is that you hold that as your truth, and so it is.

  3. I can certainly relate to that–orange, so full of vibrancy and creative energy. In my experience, there are subtle variations in the color of life from time-to-time…season-to-season. I think that’s something we can make a choice about, too.

  4. “I assure you that
    Life is Orange. …
    Life is orange, simply,
    because it isn’t any other colour.”

    Dude. I am SO on board with this line of thinking.

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