I miss the days of my youth

I miss the days of my youth. Those
carefree years when I could watch shows
at the movie theater and
not worry about cash in hand…or I could doze

til noon on the weekend without
feeling an ounce of guilt about
what I should be doing with my
life…when I was still far too shy ’round girls and doubt

would plague me each time that a zit
would appear on my face and sit
there like a shining beacon. Truth
be told, I do not miss my youth. Not one small bit!


At dVerse, we are writing Florettes.  Check the link to see the explanation of how to write one of these poems yourself.  This poem also responds to the Tuesday prompt at dVerse (which I was, unfortunately, too busy to participate in).


18 thoughts on “I miss the days of my youth

  1. Bryan, this is absolutely inspired! I really like the flow of it, the humor (and the truth), and that the poem goes full circle from the ‘missing’ to the ‘not missing.’ Perfect florette too; and yes, it would have been great for the ‘missing’ prompt on Tuesday!

  2. This is great, Bryan, and in many ways I do not miss my youth either. Perhaps you merged the “missing” prompt with the Florette…it worked perfectly! Thanks for joining in.

  3. Some days I missed it, some days I don’t ~ I do miss the carefree attitude though and not worrying about anything ~ I love the rhyming specially the last one of zit/sit/bit ~

  4. Ha! my friend.. theRe is no age
    i desire but now..
    and there is no
    way i’m even going
    back to last second
    as sure we can
    do that
    if we try
    hard enough
    in illusory memory..
    what task of success..
    staying here now.. my friend..:)

  5. Dipped us into lively enjambment, doubled our.your pleasure while tackling 2 prompts at once, laced with levity & honesty; wow, a super job; especially with the Florette form.

  6. What a clever and enjoyable read – two, two, two prompts in one! You do so well with rhythm and rhyme and this just expands your poetic resume greatly. I wouldn’t go back past the age of 30, even.

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