Song of Fire – Part I – When It’s Dark and There’s a Chill to the Air

When it’s dark, and there’s a chill to the air
the difference between surviving or not
could be as slight as finding a place where
you can escape from the cold. If a hot
blaze were found by someone who is nearly
frozen, that fire might very well be
that man’s salvation from death. So clearly,
it would be foolish if he said, “I see
that tending to those flames is one whom I
do not know, and therefore I choose to stay
away from that heat. Instead, I’ll sit by
myself over here, and for warmth I’ll pray.”
There is a cold that’s darker than the night
Come! Gather by the dancing flick’ring light

This is the inaugural post in my second Heroic Crown Sonnet Cycle.  I will keep complete cycle (thus far) in one convenient location for anyone who wishes to read the entire work.  This can be found by hovering over the The Elements – Sonnet Cycles tab up above, and then clicking on Fire. 

I will be sharing this over at dVerse this week for Open Link Night.


17 thoughts on “Song of Fire – Part I – When It’s Dark and There’s a Chill to the Air

  1. A serious sonnet that puts me in mind of those idiotic zealous naysayers that deny climate change, who piss down our necks & tell us it’s raining. Do we all get ultimately what we deserve? Or are there victims out there that just run out of luck, the results of stupidity & ignorance?

  2. What an ambitious write this is, Bryan! Writing one sonnet is a feat, but to do a crown cycle a WOW. This particular sonnet seems to be inspired by the chill of fall perhaps…?

    • I don’t even know what a Heroic Crown Sonnet Cycle is…will have to check that out, Bryan. Your sonnet reminds me of a story I heard long ago about those who pray for something and when the object arises (right in front of their faces) they choose to continue praying because they don’t recognize that their prayer has been answered. (The stranger with the fire and warmth to save them goes ignored…because he is unknown to them.) I really enjoyed your beginning tale.

      • The “Heroic Crown” cycle is a 15 sonnet cycle. The final line of each sonnet becomes the first line of the next until sonnet number 14. The final line of sonnet 14 echoes the first line of the 1st sonnet. The 15th sonnet is the opening lines of the previous 14 sonnets, in order. If you are interested in seeing a completed one, go to the top of my page, hover over “The Elements – Sonnet Cycles”, and then click on “Water”.

  3. I think it takes both courage and talent to embark on a challenge like you have. There is definitely a cold that’s darker than the night the cold within the heart that’s close to the needs of others, that’s close to love. Nicely done and good luck with the rest of the project. I look forward to seeing it as it unfolds.

  4. Indeed a lovely sonnet and my favorite is the ending couplet ~ Bryan this is a worthy project and I am looking forward to more sonnet readings ~ Your rhyming verses is a joy to read tonight ~

  5. I am so glad you are continuing with the Elements. You make this so very easy appearing and I couldn’t do one if I was told at the end of a completed sonnet following the rules and making that I would be given a million dollars, they might give me $5 out of kindness at the end. And here in the time of darkening season and the festivals of light, this makes a glorious beginning. I am so looking forward to this.

  6. Smiles.. this message reminds me of
    the original message by the man
    Jesus who tells us heaven
    is all around us just
    waiting for folks
    to see and
    hear with
    eyes and ears
    of God within us..
    sadly that message
    has been twisted into
    hellNheaven somewhere
    else and the message of a
    humble teacher and healing
    prophet has been twisted into
    a soldier god ideal of idol now
    where the now cool refreshing
    breeze of heaven.. like still
    waters of an ocean that
    never storms is
    just a place
    for us to
    walk on
    if Jesus
    comes back today
    very few Christians
    will hear and act on
    this message now..
    in fact.. as a fact
    if Jesus were to
    come online
    on a blog
    and attempt
    to spread that same
    simple message that
    heaven is now..
    and the Kingdom
    of GOD is at
    our hand(S)now..
    he would be deleted
    and or banned from
    many Christian Blogger
    websites.. not much has changed
    except for those who have changed..
    smiles.. and hear that Universal
    message of truth and light
    that all the great
    teachers of the
    world have
    been singing
    from the dawn
    of humankind
    and courage too..
    anyway.. banning and deleting vs crucifixions
    is much easier on modern day examples now..:)

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