The sky is a light shade of calm

The sky is a light shade of calm
The trees, though leafless, embody peace
A few flowers remain, remembering
what was and anticipating
what will be and pondering
what might have been
if not for the colour red


The prompt at dVerse is “meteorological poetry” – in other words, poems that say something about the weather. Today is also Remembrance Day (or in other parts of the world, Veterans’ Day or Armistice Day). This is a day set aside to remember those who have given their lives in conflict, so that future generations might live at peace.


11 thoughts on “The sky is a light shade of calm

  1. The title is a poem in and of itself – so lovely and calm. Well penned for remembrance and anticipation. In the US, Veteran’s day is not just about remembering the sacrifices of the dead, but also to honor those Vets who are still living and not forgetting their service. Beautiful. Again, the title is incredible.

  2. Interesting to merge & juxtapose veteran’s sacrifices with Fall’s death toll; clever & workable by you. When the sun is out, & leaves create overlapping death rainbows, one can appreciate a moment of beauty before the gray funk & yellow snow mantle it.

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