The Road Seemed To Stretch – NaPoWriMo Day 3


— View of the church of Saint Paul de Mausole by Vincent van Gogh


The road seemed to stretch for endless miles behind him.  On his travels, he had experienced the stunning beauty of mountains and meadows, oceans and brooks. He had enjoyed spending time sketching deer, foxes, and ducks.  He had learned a great deal about politics, love, and business, just by striking up conversations with the strangers that he met in the many places that he wandered

The road seemed to stretch for endless miles behind him.  Early on in his travels, his feet had blistered, and he had barely been able to keep going, but now instead of blisters, he had callouses that allowed him to roam without pain.  When he had set out, he had been so out of shape that he could only walk a few miles at a time, but now his legs were strong, and he had no problems with hiking the entire day with only brief stops for food.

Endless miles stretched before him.  His had been a journey of self discovery, and indeed, he had discovered many things.  He smiled as he thought about his many experiences…even the difficult ones that had made him a better man than when he had set out.  The road was behind him, but now he looked ahead, and tears of joy came to his eyes as he looked upon the place he belongs.

a long dusty trail
gives many joys and sorrows –
the front door of home

Written for dVerse “Haibun Monday” – the prompt was to write something inspired by Van Gogh’s View of the church of Saint Paul de Mausole


11 thoughts on “The Road Seemed To Stretch – NaPoWriMo Day 3

  1. I like that image of the road stretching behind and head of him – which fits in so well with that painting. Well done for embarking on NaPoWriMo – and I really enjoyed this haibun.

  2. I love how the journey made him stronger and the ending calls for a celebration, the journey to home ~

    I also love how travelling made him richer and more appreciative of nature ~ A lovely haibun Bryan ~

  3. Smiles.. vagabonds.. gypsies..
    homeless men and women
    and all outcasts and
    recluses from the
    rest of culture
    learn stuff
    to really
    get to know
    and feel them
    is something Real
    and when they art it
    a bird sings life newly
    as Nature does now W/
    other creatures FREE..:)

  4. I love this, Bryan. I like how our traveler becomes stronger and more self assured and learns about many things as he progresses and love how the front door is waiting for him when he’s ready for home.

    I agree with Bjorn, you could link this up for both of the prompts!

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