Words Left Unspoken Are Cucumbers – A Love Sonnet

Words left unspoken are cucumbers that
have been put in a Zip-Loc bag and placed
out of sight at the back of the fridge. Fat
and tasty to begin, they would have graced
your plate with beauty and a lovely crunch.
Instead, they were forgotten in behind
the leftovers from last Saturday’s lunch
and slowly liquified. Now they remind
me that you are still here, and even though
the cucumbers are dripping onto the floor
of the fridge, I have time to let you know
that I love you, and you’re so much more
to me than those cucumbers that are dead,
and so I won’t let those words stay unsaid.


The prompt over at dVerse is to write love poetry “before it’s too late”.  I wanted to have a pseudo-humorous slant to this, but hopefully the underlying theme can be taken a bit more seriously.  After all…if we don’t tell our loved ones that they are, indeed, our loved ones, how will they ever know that we appreciate them?


10 thoughts on “Words Left Unspoken Are Cucumbers – A Love Sonnet

  1. Oh, what an image is now embedded in my mind. Cucumbers become pure liquefied mush when abandoned, we sure don’t want our loved ones ending up in a similar state. Really enjoyed this, Bryan, thank you!

  2. Wonderful… I love the use of the cucumbers to illustrate the point, and I think it came across in exactly the right tone, a slight smile with profound truth just beneath.

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