Wrestling with Words

What should we do when,
wrestling with words,
we discover that
sometimes silence is better?

wrestling with words
is both blessing and curse to the poet
because often
we discover that
our words can
only say so much…and
sometimes silence is better!
but being poets
we can’t help but use words anyways


Written for dVerse, where trimeric form is the prompt. This is my first attempt at using this form. Trimeric is a form invented by Dr. Charles A. Stone. It has no rules about meter, line length, or rhyme. The only rule is that there be 4 stanzas. The 1st stanza is 4 lines, and the last 3 stanzas are 3 lines each, beginning with with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lines of the original stanza (ABCD,B–,C–,D–). I chose to combine my last 3 stanzas into one (as Dr. Stone sometimes did himself), as I felt that line breaks would destroy the longer thought I was attempting to convey.


14 thoughts on “Wrestling with Words

  1. Death of life.. silence..
    Death of moving.. words..
    Death of life..

    Death of moving.. words..
    Dance.. UniVersALLangUage.. ages..
    EmoTiONs expresSing fulLer…

    Death of Life..
    No Moving..
    Connecting.. Creating..


  2. I love the message & the POV, & how wonderfully audacious to combine the last three stanzas; only issue I had was there are only 8 lines in it & perhaps there should be 9. But I like your courage & imagination. I do kind of like the combined last three stanzas though.

  3. Silence is better but using and playing them on the page is fun ~ I thought there was 1 more missing line, but I like the creative grouping Bryan ~ Have a good long weekend ~

  4. Oh, I really liked your own individual take on the Trimeric! And a fine one it is. And yes, being poets we are compelled to use words. Thank goodness for words!

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